by Sarah Ruhl

“Excuse me - are you going to get that? Would you mind answering your phone? I’m sorry to bother you. If you could just - turn your phone - off?“

A found space production presented at the VFW Post, September - October 2015

A sampling of comments from our audiences:

“ The performance last night was fantastic! We talked about it a lot afterwards. The humor, darkness, various messages/lessons, content, actors, characters, and thought provoking ideas made this one of the best yet.. We loved it! “

“Dead Man’s Cell Phone took me on an incredible journey with an incredible cast and crew. You definitely don’t want to miss this!!!!!“

“Do you want to go on a wild theatrical ride...Do yourself a favor and see this stunning gem of a show called "Dead Man’s Cell Phone", by Merely Players. Its found space performance at VFW/Durango is hypnotically crazy, beautiful, loving, and sinister. I cannot imagine having a wilder dream in my sleep tonight, than what I just witnessed on stage. See this show!“

Madeleine Meigs as Jean, Conor Sheehan as Gordon/Dwight, Mrs. Gottlieb as Janet Curry, JJ Simms as Other Woman/Stranger, Gyana Gomar as Hermia,

Photography by Kara Wright

Read the preview article at the Durango Herald archive.

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