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By Will Eno

"The important thing isn‘t what‘s gone or lost, it‘s seeing and knowing what‘s still there and how it can grow."
A virtual, online production in October 2020


Film Editor/Animations
Camera Operators

transparent Elizabeth Gray
Jessica Jane Harris

Mona Wood-Patterson
Charles Ford
Pink Mage
Anthony Kingsley
Sarah Harris

A Sampling of Audience Comments:

"A wonderful and deeply moving production at the highest level (layers of levels). I really loved it."

"We loved the show. It was wise, funny, profound, and topical."

"WAKEY, WAKEY was so wonderful. Tender, moving, and calming, it felt like necessary viewing therapy right now."

"I watched Wakey, Wakey last night. The script was so topical, it hurt -- the blend of absurdity, humor, and meditations on dying was "2020" in a nutshell. Elizabeth and Jessica are simply brilliant craftswomen; I‘m just sad I couldn‘t have seen it in person."

"Wow! What a play! What a gift! Thank you."

If you‘re looking for something to do this evening, watch this show. It‘s beautiful & raw & emotional.

"Just amazing. I can‘t imagine anyone not being moved to reflect on the meaning and purpose of their life. More importantly, a potent reminder that our time, by any measure, is shorter than we expect. I thought it captured a realistic struggle between our precious memories, our regret and our personal struggle in search of dignity. Great acting, and of course the directing and production were exceptional. Personally, it was exactly what I needed to overcome the exciting, yet fearful, next stage of my own life. Time moves so fast, it is hard sometimes to appreciate just how profound a moment is. Thank you."

Our Preview in the Durango Herald:


Click this link to see the program for Wakey, Wakey


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